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The Christmas season heralds many joyous events and holiday get-togethers with family, friends and more. While all the gift ideas on this site can certainly be applied to this widely-celebrated occasion, Christmas brings with it a few of its own unique gifting traditions and situations which warrant a few additional gift suggestions...

Stocking Stuffers. This long-standing tradition of filling stockings with small gifts is still enjoyed by many households, whether the stuffing is done covertly by mom, or by a mysterious, white-bearded midnight visitor. Here are some ideas for every stocking budget level: Dollar store items, clementines & figs, packets of nuts, travel-size beauty products, pocket agenda, specialty teas, Play-Doh, fridge/locker magnets, magazines, mini kaleidescope, 3D brain teaser puzzles, handmade soap, hemp facecloth, hot chocolate mixes, and in the small but generous category, an mp3 player, cell phone, USB flash drive and even a diamond engagement ring all fit nicely into the toe of a stocking for a final, very pleasant surprise.

Hostess Gifts. Because there tends to be a lot of visting and get-togethers with friends and family over the Christmas period, host & hostess gifts are often part of the holiday shopping list or are stockpiled so that a gift is always on hand. Of course the tried-and-true favorite is always a bottle of wine or similar, but consider the following as well: novelty coasters or napkins, seasonal cocktail picks, liqueur-marinated cocktail cherries, holiday serving bowl filled with red & green candies, a designer cookie bouquet, cocktail rimmer kit, a gift basket for their pet, a tin of mulling spices or a pair of narcissi bulbs to plant in the spring.

The Office Party. The oft-dreaded event may also include a "secret Santa" type gift exchange, or you and your office mates may have simply decided to have your own gift-swap to make the countdown to the holidays pass faster in the cube farm. This type of gift may prove challenging, as the gift recipient's interests (and indeed sometimes the recipient themselves) are often unfamiliar. Stick to popular items that just about anyone can use or at least successfully re-gift, such as alcohol, chocolate, fancy cookies or gift certificates to music or bookstores. Avoid silly gag gifts, lingerie and office supplies.