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Also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is an eight day Jewish holiday that sometimes overlaps with Christmas in terms of calendar dates. The primary ritual is to light a single light each night for eight nights in commemoration of the Miracle of the Oil. While it is traditional to give "gelt" or money coins to children during Hanukkah, gift-giving is generally not part of the orthodox tradition, and seems to have risen in popularity only in relatively recent years.
hanukkah gifts

Some, although by no means most, families give small gifts on each of the eight nights. Others give one large gift on the first night. Today, each family has its own rituals, in some cases simple ones and in others extravagant; be sure to strike the right note in either case, respecting the particular family's tradition. The following are some gift ideas for Hanukkah:

Menorahs: This traditional symbol of the holiday comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors and materials. Wildy creative designer versions include 3D sculptures, children's-themes, electric displays, sports & hobbies, and the use of art glass, while stunning traditional versions can be found in pewter, bronze, sterling silver, silver plate and more. By keeping your gift recipient's style and interests in mind, you can present them with a wonderful, personal gift of a new menorah.

Dreidels: This four-sided top is another age-old traditional Hanukkah gift available from Judaica stores and sites. Not just a child's toy, dreidels can be found in silver or crystal, and as with modern menorahs, all kinds of artistic and stylish versions of dreidels are available. Consider giving children a Hanukkah craft kit with which they can paint or decorate their own dreidels.

Hanukkah Gift Basket: Assemble or purchase a special Hanukkah gift basket that includes a variety of items, such as foil-wrapped chocolate coins, blue and white jellybeans, pears, star-shaped cookies, Kosher food items, Judaic figurines, puzzles or novelty gifts, and even handmade items or crafts, such as a painted star of David frame with a favorite photo.

Tzedakah: Reserve a night for giving tzedakah, or charity, to your favorite organization. Everyone can pitch in what they would have spent on presents for that night.

Some online resources for Hanukkah gifts:,,, and The Jewish Museum